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Following an engine failure, Marcus, a professional helicopter pilot is forced to make an emergency landing in a small city in northwestern Alaska, he will have to search food, water and a shelter from the cold temperatures and he will have to defend himself from the many wild animals.
Our priority will be to eat, drink and try not to die of hypothermia.
We will have to explore the houses to find food and water, we will also have to look for various materials and tools to repair the helicopter.
This completely abandoned city hides an intriguing secret, it is also populated by numerous wild animals that would do anything to eat.
We will have to find a bed to sleep and regain strength.
Once we land in this desolate city, we will only have our trusty knife, we will have to search the homes to look for food, water, a heat source to warm ourselves with and a bed to rest. The icy temperatures of the Alaska and the wild animals will make our lives a real hell.
Day night cycle.
The night is the best time to sleep and restore strength, also given the poor visibility, while the day is perfect for looking for food, water and materials to repair the helicopter.
Dynamic weather system.
The weather can change abruptly, going from a sunny day to a snowstorm in a few minutes.
The key to survival is exploration, the more we explore the homes in the area the more likely we are to survive.
You can find vehicles to drive, with which we can travel long distances in a short time, but always keep the fuel level under control, and if necessary, refuel at a gas station.
Exploring the various houses, it will also be possible to find weapons and ammunition of various types, which we can use to defend ourselves from attacks by wild animals (and others) that inhabit these lands.
Genre: Action, Indie, Survival
Developer: lunarhellgames
Platforms: Windows
Language: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German
Inputs: Mouse, Keyboard

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